Social Emotional Learning


The Pawsitive Works Curriculum is a meaningful and easy to use program. The use of imagery and videos along with incorporating dogs in the lessons is a great way to keep students engaged while building important social emotional learning skills. We love the curriculum and the support we have received from the folks at Pawsitive Works! ~ Epic Pals


I use the Pawsitive Works curriculum with a varied and challenging population.  The mix of video, lessons introduced through the lens of a dog and overall layout makes this interesting, engaging and accessible to the students.  It provides an excellent springboard for discussion and processing life issues.    Mental Health Clinician, Juvenile Detention

I can’t explain it any other way then to say it’s absolutely magical.  The dogs reduce the feeling of vulnerability in these individuals who can then begin trusting and exploring life changing options.  Canine Assisted Learning Class Facilitator

The dogs offer a source of comfort for these kids.  The dogs often mirror what a lot of these kids experience.  They have felt lonely and unwanted and know that these dogs can relate.  They learn patience, empathy and mindfulness in a way that is empowering to them.

Educator – Alternative School