Our History Brought Us Here – Where We Are Needed

Shaping Both Ends of the Leash


Pawsitive Works began with a vision to help at-risk youth develop the life skills they need to become caring, responsible, and empathetic individuals by using canines as facilitators for change. We believe that the human-canine bond forms a partnership that results in a heartfelt, lasting transformation for both the youth and dogs. It is truly a pathway through which we can open hearts and minds; inspiring individuals to achieve their fullest potential in life while increasing adoptability of the dogs.

With this vision, in 2009, we formed a 501c3 nonprofit organization – Pawsitive Works. We launched our first pilot program in Boundary County, Idaho. Our program quickly became successful; we expanded our reach to surrounding communities in North Idaho and Washington.

Over the next two years we worked with professionals in psychology, education, juvenile justice, research and dog behavior /training to create a structured curriculum. Because we knew how important outcomes are, we made sure the curriculum included measurement tools.

Today we continue our efforts and are expanding our offerings to include a canine program specifically designed for adults, targeting incarcerated adults as well as launching a canine program that allows for flexible delivery, a varying number and type of dogs and is geared for larger groups.  S.E.E. Spot is now available for middle school age children and will be available for elementary age in the near future.