Social Emotional Learning Through The Power of the Human-Animal Bond

This powerful program pairs youth with a dog “partner” using a structured curriculum to teach life changing, social emotional learning lessons through the training of a dog.  Our curriculum is unique; lessons and activities engage youth by introducing a canine concept.  That concept progresses to humans and ultimately bridges to youth personally.  It is ideal for small groups of youth (4 – 6) meeting the PBIS tier 2 for after school programs, alternative schools, residential boarding facilities, youth homes or any other youth serving organization. The content is geared toward youth ages 13-18.

Canine Assisted Social Emotional Learning

This researched-based, outcomes driven curriculum is rich in content and allows students to engage in learning through the experience of hands-on dog training with a dog.

We believe that utilizing the remarkable benefits of the human-animal bond to teach social emotional skills is one of the best delivery systems and highly effective in helping students bridge what they learn from the dogs they work with to their own lives.

Using canine education is an incredibly powerful and engaging way for youth to learn imperative social emotional skills.

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Working together, we can help prepare the whole child “pawsitively”

You can count on us for training, support and measurement tools to help you.  With our experience running this program in various schools, juvenile agencies and youth organizations, we have the confidence to assist you each step of the way to ensure your success. Because we know that outcomes matter to many people, we provide measurement tools that allow you to demonstrate program effectiveness.

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