Social Emotional Learning 

Our curricula are unique.  Lessons and activities engage by introducing a canine concept. That concept progresses to humans and ultimately bridges to themselves. By first introducing a concept through the lens of a canine, individuals are more trusting, open and willing to share their thoughts and emotions.

These curricula are all inclusive, brain friendly and easy to use.   Units consist of direct instruction lessons and in-depth real world activities that help increase the focus on developing a deep understanding of specific social emotional attributes and how each person can apply them it to their own lives.

We took into account that as important as the SEL competencies are,  the contexts for teaching them matters. By including the inspiration and integration of canines, we can deliver lessons that reach hearts and teach minds. SEL is not a single program or teaching method. It involves coordinated strategies.

Which Option Works Best For You?

Canine Assisted Learning-Click Here – This powerful offering pairs youth with a dog “partner” using a structured curriculum to teach life changing lessons through the training of a dog.  Best used in small groups of 4 – 6.   Available as a 15 or 7 lesson series.

S.E.E.(social emotional education) Spot- Click Here – This program offers the opportunity to integrate therapy dogs, shelter dogs and dogs with special talents in a flexible, easy to implement program designed to reach hearts and teach minds.  6 Units, 2 lessons each.  The first lesson inspires through the lens of canines, the second dives deeper with the integration of a dog or dogs.

“There is ample research and practice evidence, as well as logic, that academic success depends on the culture and climate of the school, and that students’ success in school and life depends a great deal on their social, emotional, and character development.” -Edutopia

Humane education is linked with SEL.  It fosters compassion, healthy choices, social-emotional growth, critical thinking skills and a sense of purpose in all people. We believe humane education is beneficial to include when teaching social and emotional skills.  It allows individuals who have difficulty talking about their own emotions to feel vicariously, therefore being able to express their feelings and emotions in a less vulnerable way.

“The human­-animal bond stands without equal in its ability to teach youth social emotional skills. Canines serve as facilitators of positive transformation for youth.”