Our NonProfit is dedicated to creating, providing and supporting canine inspired and canine assisted programs that foster the development of one of the most important movements in decades, Social and Emotional Learning

“SEL is fundamental not only to children’s social and emotional development but also to their health, ethical development, citizenship, motivation to achieve, and academic learning as well.” (Elias et al., 1997, and CASEL, Safe and Sound, 2005)

The goal of Pawsitive Works is to help empower individuals through the teaching and practice of social emotional skills while enriching and assisting sheltered dogs.

We took into account the effects that dogs have on reducing barriers, how much easier trust is to establish with a dog and the importance of a more engaged learner.

Curricula are all inclusive, brain friendly and easy to use. Each lesson represents a theme and reflects key principles in social and emotional learning.

These direct instruction lessons and real world activities allow youth to learn and apply important social and emotional skills through the inspiration and integration of canines.  Truly Shaping Both Ends of the Leash

 Canine Assisted Learning youth services programs

Take an interactive approach to teaching through our innovative curricula. Transform your classroom or after school program and allow students to unleash their full potential.

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