Canine Assisted Learning

Pawsitive Works is dedicated to creating, providing and supporting canine inspired and canine assisted programs using curricula that intentionally fosters the development of one of the most important movements in decades, Social and Emotional Learning.

Looking for a youth program that is engaging and inspiring?  Understanding ways to connect with and inspire youth is what we love to do.  We would love to hear about your hopes for canine assisted learning –  CONTACT US – we’re here for you!

The goal of Pawsitive Works is to help empower youth through the teaching and practice of social emotional skills while enriching and assisting sheltered dogs.

Our design of these canine assisted learning programs  took into account the effects that dogs have on reducing barriers, how much easier trust is to establish with a dog and the importance of a more engaged learner.

Each lesson represents a key life theme and reflects essential principles in social and emotional learning.

These direct instruction lessons and real world activities allow youth to learn and apply important social and emotional skills through the inspiration and integration of canines.  Truly Shaping Both Ends of the Leash

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Shaping Both Ends of the Leash

Life Skills for Youth/Forever Homes for Dogs

Making A Difference through the human-animal bond

Youth integrate real life learning through training, reading, writing and interactive activities


What the dog learns

Patience & Delayed Gratification

What youth integrate while training the dog

Positive Reinforcement Training

Dogs learn to the benefits of positive reinforcement

Motivational Behavior

Youth learn about internal and external motivation

Hand Targeting

Dogs practice touching and following the hands of youth

Youth build self-concept

Youth learn to identify influences that promote self concept and how to “delete” negative/damaging influences